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After a long break, the Sauerland is finally saying again: Welcome to the Region of Light! Welcome to an exchange which - with due caution - will again take place in person! In the region, where the suppliers for light and lighting are closer together than in any other, the innovations of the lighting industry will again be made tangible within the framework of the Lichtwoche Sauerland. And this for the tenth time! The exhibitions are all prepared, in order to receive finally again locally a picture of trends and developments of the industry. To talk face to face with manufacturers and dealers without losing the personal through webcams or microphones. And especially: without diminishing the atmospheric impression of the light.

Because, among many other things, the pandemic has made it clear how important direct contact between manufacturers, distributors, buyers and resellers is and remains. Much can be shifted to the digital space, but the personal between the players, the experience of atmospheric light and the touching of materials remain crucial factors that cannot be replaced by bits and bytes. The pandemic is not yet over, but with appropriate hygiene and protection measures in place, the health and safety of all visitors and exhibitors will be kept firmly in mind.

However, not everything is going the same way in Sauerland as in previous years: our popular LightNight will have to sit out the 10th anniversary of the Lichtwoche. But even if the party is and remains an important element for exchange, the one-time renunciation will not be able to diminish the success of Lichtwoche Sauerland. Lichtwoche Sauerland is one of the most important meeting places for the lighting trade in Europe. Get a picture of trends and products. Use your time in the beautiful Sauerland region to visit the leading suppliers - because almost the entire market for decorative lighting is gathered in the region again this year! We wish you a successful visit! Stay healthy!


Wolf Hustadt Spokesman of the Lichtwoche Sauerland 2022

Dennis Köhler Organization and Realisation

Prepare your safe visit with an up-to-date Corona test.

There are no general opening hours. Each exhibitor shows on his Landing-page when the respective exhibition can be visited.

Lichtwoche Sauerland takes place at individual locations spread throughout the city and the region. Plan your trip to the exhibitors with our online route planner.

What concept applies?

Not everything is going the same way in Sauerland as in previous years: the popular customer event LightNight will have to sit out once during the 10th anniversary of the Light Week.

Even if the party is and remains an important highlight, the one-time waiver due to the Corona situation will not be able to diminish the success of the Lichtwoche Sauerland, however.

Feel well in the Sauerland, enjoy the time and stay healthy!

At a time when, unfortunately, once again many trade shows have to be postponed or canceled, our track remains a different one: The registration has started and all exhibitors of the Lichtwoche Sauerland are looking forward to your visit!

Trade customers can secure their personal ticket as of today via our registration form:


The concept of the Lichtwoche Sauerland displays triple protection against infection: individual locations, separation in timing and local safety precautions.

Spokespersons of the Lichtwoche Sauerland are representatives of participating companies. Every other year in exchange, they hold office for one event and provide the corporate representation of the fair. They are chosen and elected from among the exhibitors. After Bernd Müller and René Tiefenbacher’s joint representation of the Lichtwoche Sauerland 2019 Wolf Walter Hustadt was elected during the first constitutive session for the next Lichtwoche Sauerland. The strategic aspects for a successful event in the following year are now developed in collaboration with different workshops.