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LWS 2023


Once again, more than 3,000 customers took advantage of the 11th Lichtwoche Sauerland to exchange ideas with 41 exhibitors and to successfully position themselves in partnership for the future of retail.


The successful and relevant light and luminaire manufacturers welcome you again to the Lichtwoche Sauerland. A warm welcome to the Home of light and lighting!

The stable format of our popular industry meeting continues its success story. A story that began in 2005 and after 18 years can now celebrate "coming of age". With this the Lichtwoche Sauerland is also breaking new ground. Thus, continuity is to be given a new rhythm and the course is to be set for an annual event. Lichtwoche Sauerland is thus further expanding its position as one of the most important event for the business.

After almost three years of pandemic, we are also finally looking forward to the return of our highlights: our famos event LightNight. With this, we return to normality despite the adverse circumstances of this time and hope to be able to provide you with a successful, pleasant and eventful stay.

Good to have you here!


Wolf Hustadt Sprecher der Lichtwoche Sauerland 2023
mit den Beteiligten der Arbeitskreise


For the eleventh time now, the innovations of the lighting industry can be experienced within the framework of the Lichtwoche Sauerland. As an established institution, Lichtwoche Sauerland offers manufacturers, importers and retailers of residential lighting a profitable platform for exchange - indispensable for the entrepreneurial success of the many industry players. Attractive exhibitions can be experienced at the respective locations: full of innovations and trends.

Since almost the entire market for decorative lighting will also be gathered in the region in 2023, satisfactory business is guaranteed - while new contacts and networks are developed at the same time. All in all embedded in great atmospheres, warm hospitality and the beautiful surrounding of the Sauerland. A great overall package.


With a total of 41 exhibitors, the market for decorative lighting is again gathered in Sauerland this year - a guarantee of satisfactory business! And after almost three years of pandemic, the exchange between manufacturers, importers and traders can also finally take place again without restrictions. Thus a whole week is reserved for the newest lamp and lighting trends. Trends that provide for homely chic and at the same time put living rooms, bathrooms, offices or gardens in the proper light. In this way, the exhibitors not only provide illumination in the beautiful cover of the luminaire, but also show how the consistent further development of innovations and the focus on the added values of good lighting can look like. Aspects of well-being, individualization or connection in the home environment are taken up by the lighting industry and impressively converted into shapes, colors, technologies or lighting qualities.

The importance of the Lichtwoche Sauerland became apparent shortly after the registration for trade visitors was put online. The first registration figures again indicate a large number of trade customers. Not only from the inland, but also from other European Countries. With the experiences of the last years again over 5,000 visitors from more than 1,000 companies from all over the world are expected. Not only the customers color the international character of the Lichtwoche. Among the relevant exhibitors who are located in the Region of the Sauerland, again companies from Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Holland and Austria are present.


The number of participants at Lichtwoche Sauerland, which will once again open its doors to successful lighting and luminaire manufacturers in March 2023, is growing week by week. In addition to the established companies that have already been exhibiting at the popular industry get-together for 18 years, more and more new players are joining them. The stable format of Lichtwoche Sauerland thus continues its success story and is clearly on course for an annual event.

"The residential lighting industry needs an exchange with customers that does justice to the fast pace of residential trends," states Wolf Hustadt, acting spokesman for Lichtwoche. But it is also the technical development, the speed of which does not slow down. "After the LED has conquered the market and we have been able to further serve the added value of this great technology with control concepts, the course is set on innovation to increase the comfort of lighting and its integration into our living spaces, bathrooms, gardens or offices, as well as on the essential topic of sustainability - for which we can demonstrate extremely attractive solutions via LED technologies," Hustadt summarizes.

But it is also clear that the current market situation poses major challenges for both retailers and manufacturers. Inflation, rising costs of living, uncertain economic situations: all of these factors are causing considerable uncertainty among customers in their purchasing decisions. The decline in consumption is putting pressure on all players, and so supply chains, logistics and raw material prices, as well as uncertainties in sales planning, are creating new hurdles every day.

Nevertheless, Lichtwoche Sauerland is a ray of hope for next spring. Until then, it remains to be seen how consumption will develop. "As the falling inflation rate of the USA recently proves, a surprising decrease of the inflation is anything but improbable" gives the organizer Dennis Köhler to consider. "And just who sets on an economical LED lighting, invests in immediately sinking electricity costs!"


The date for the 11th Lichtwoche Sauerland is now official: from 05 to 10 March 2023, the exhibiting companies of the industry will again present their latest lighting and luminaire trends in the beautiful Sauerland region.

As adverse as the last few years have been and as extreme as the current future prospects are, Lichtwoche Sauerland establishes its constant format and once again offers manufacturers, importers and retailers of residential lighting an efficient and attractive platform for exchange. "Of course, no one can say exactly how the trade situation and the consumer climate in our society will develop as prices rise," notes Wolf Hustadt, who has again taken on the task of spokesman next year. "But Lichtwoche Sauerland is indispensable for business success - especially in an increasingly difficult social environment."

Dennis Köhler, who has also taken over the organization of Lichtwoche Sauerland next year, confirms, "The industry uses various trade fairs to keep in touch with customers. However, some formats and fixed sizes of the trade fair landscape are proving to be no longer useful for some players. Several companies have decided to rethink their presence and rely more on the efficient format of Lichtwoche Sauerland."

So companies in the industry definitely see a ray of hope in Lichtwoche Sauerland, which makes them look forward to spring 2023 with confidence. The concept has been known and loved by customers and exhibitors for 18 years. For a whole week, the suppliers' innovations can be experienced in great showrooms. Surrounded by the hospitality and feel-good factor in the Sauerland region. And after more than two years of pandemic, the organizers are also looking forward to the highlight of the Lichtwoche Sauerland again: the big customer event LightNight.

LWS 2022


Lichtwoche Sauerland attracted around 3.000 commercial customers to the exhibitions!


Get the full overview with a printed copy of our Lightguide for Lichtwoche Sauerland.


After a long break, the Sauerland is finally saying again: Welcome to the Region of Light! Welcome to an exchange which - with due caution - will again take place in person! In the region, where the suppliers for light and lighting are closer together than in any other, the innovations of the lighting industry will again be made tangible within the framework of the Lichtwoche Sauerland. And this for the tenth time! The exhibitions are all prepared, in order to receive finally again locally a picture of trends and developments of the industry. To talk face to face with manufacturers and dealers without losing the personal through webcams or microphones. And especially: without diminishing the atmospheric impression of the light.

Because, among many other things, the pandemic has made it clear how important direct contact between manufacturers, distributors, buyers and resellers is and remains. Much can be shifted to the digital space, but the personal between the players, the experience of atmospheric light and the touching of materials remain crucial factors that cannot be replaced by bits and bytes. The pandemic is not yet over, but with appropriate hygiene and protection measures in place, the health and safety of all visitors and exhibitors will be kept firmly in mind.

However, not everything is going the same way in Sauerland as in previous years: our popular LightNight will have to sit out the 10th anniversary of the Lichtwoche. But even if the party is and remains an important element for exchange, the one-time renunciation will not be able to diminish the success of Lichtwoche Sauerland. Lichtwoche Sauerland is one of the most important meeting places for the lighting trade in Europe. Get a picture of trends and products. Use your time in the beautiful Sauerland region to visit the leading suppliers - because almost the entire market for decorative lighting is gathered in the region again this year! We wish you a successful visit! Stay healthy!


Wolf Hustadt Spokesman of the Lichtwoche Sauerland 2022

Dennis Köhler Organization and Realisation