Nice to have you here!

A Warm Welcome


Welcome to the hub for light and lighting - welcome to the 12th edition of Lichtwoche Sauerland. Once again, you can look forward to convincing ideas, reliable partnerships and a comprehensive look into the future of the decorative and domestic lighting market.

Many years full of efforts and challenges lie behind us. But even if some things have fallen short of expectations and many an outlook already points to the next feat of strength, the industry can be proud of itself! Despite difficult general conditions, demand for new products has been satisfied on a sustained basis in recent years and at the same time stimulated with innovative ideas.

Close networks and reliable cooperation were and are the linchpin for smooth interaction in the market. A result in which Lichtwoche Sauerland has certainly played a significant role. After all, the coming together of the relevant players and the effective exchange with you, dear visitors to the Lichtwoche Sauerland, is a tried and tested means of staying on course for success. Circumstances change, but the goal remains the same: high-quality light, good design and innovative technologies are our contributions to improving the quality of life and well-being in Europe's homes. Let us break new ground and find innovative solutions.

Enjoy a week with a unique atmosphere and warm hospitality in the beautiful and cozy surroundings of the Sauerland. Celebrate with us at the sparkling LightNight and let us spoil you with a good atmosphere and great cuisine. The 40 exhibitors at Lichtwoche Sauerland are looking forward to your visit!

A Warm Welcome!


Philipp Müller und Frederic Hoffmann Sprecher der Lichtwoche Sauerland 2024
mit den Beteiligten der Arbeitskreise