Lübke & Driller GmbH

Lübke & Driller GmbH

Lampshades from Lübke and Driller
Since 1969 a true „Made in Germany“
A commitment to quality in our typical local Sauerland style. With a dedicated workforce in Arnsberg we produce for the German and the international markets high quality fabric lampshades. In the interest of ensuring optimal quality and efficiency in the production of fabric lampshades, we maintain a manufacturing depth that is probably unmateched. All production steps are located on our premises, beginning with the framework, right through to the electrification. With this expertise we can create the perfect solution for the finished lampshade, from the professional series production to exclusive special solutions.
Lübke & Driller GmbH, Möhnestr. 141, 59755 Arnsberg, Deutschland

Visiting address

Möhnestr. 141 59755 Arnsberg Deutschland

Sonntag bis Freitag, 08:00-18:00 Uhr



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