The Rules in a nutshell:

  • Access only for fully vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested persons - 3G.
  • Keep your distance, follow hygiene rules, wear medical masks.
  • You will need your personal registration ticket, which will be scanned by each exhibitor:

Even in difficult event times, the Lichtwoche Sauerland is well positioned. Beside the above stated rules it is simply the concept of Lichtwoche that puts us in a different position. Because since 2005, the exhibitors at Lichtwoche Sauerland have been welcoming their customers in individual exhibitions spread across several districts and towns in the region. This gives the opportunity to see the novelties of the suppliers in reality and on site over a whole week without having to fear the accumulation of many people in one hall.

As in previous years, all exhibitors focus on the welfare and safety of each customer!

Last updated 02/18/2022

COVID-19 Teststation

Check also the Website of the City of Arnsberg

Bürgertest Arnsberg, Teststelle LaVita
Ruhrstraße 3
59821 Arnsberg

Mon - Fri 7am-8pm
Sun 11am-8pm
Testzentrum am Gutenbergplatz
Gutenbergplatz 61/62
59821 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 7:30am-6:30pm
Sun 9am-6:30pm
Testzentrum Steinweg
Steinweg 11
59821 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 9am-12am; 3:30pm-6:30pm
Sun 9am-12am
Schützenhalle Bruchhausen
Krellstraße 3
59757 Arnsberg
Mon - Sun 8am-8pm
Coronatestzentrum Herdringen
Wiebelsheidestraße 45
59757 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 7am-7pm
Sun 9am-6pm
Corona Testpoint Hüsten (Drive-in)
Arnsberger Straße 11
59757 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 8am-1pm; 2pm-6pm
Sun 9am-6pm
Corona Testzentrum Neheim
Hauptstraße 3
59755 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 8am-6pm
Sun 10am-6pm
Testpoint Neheim
Burgstraße 1
59755 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 8am-11am; 1pm-6pm
Sun 9am-6pm
Testzentrum Oeventrop
Kirchstraße 10
59823 Arnsberg
Mon - Fri 9am-6pm
Sun 9am-2pm