ECO-Light Leuchten GmbH

Bücheler Weg 27,
53347 Alfter

Phone +49-228-9691090 
Fax. +49-228-9691091

Visiting address

Energiepark Hüsten
Bahnhofstraße 149
59759 Arnsberg

ECO-LIGHT Leuchten GmbH, located in Alfter near Bonn, houses brands for modern, trendy and intelligent light solutions designed for outdoor and indoor. Based on long-term manufacturing experiences, LUTEC features a combination of imagination and efficiency. Along with our international design teams – consisting of well-known European light designers – we unfailingly take up new trends in order to perfect them. In addition to this established outdoor and solar range you can now expect our new Living Space lighting portfolio by LUCE DESIGN, including different styles for all kind of tastes!