A complete success

Enthusiasm for innovation and creativity


For one week, 40 companies from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and Italy showed the more than 3,000 international visitors to the Lichtwoche Sauerland which trendy colors and shapes will soon be shining in apartments, houses and gardens. The important topic of sustainability was emphasized throughout and not just efficient technology was presented.

Natural materials such as wood, cardboard, ceramics, felt and even cork or grass were consistently understood as design elements and integrated into the collections.


The first attempts to use solar lights not only in the garden but also in the home were also on show. Modular concepts are also gaining ground. They not only allow individual elements to be replaced in the event of damage, but also give buyers new degrees of freedom in the design of individual lights. After all, colorful variants, unusual glass and elegant surfaces leave nothing to be desired in the home.

The innovative power and creativity of the European lighting and luminaire industry is strong - as the 12th edition of Lichtwoche Sauerland proved. The #LWS2025 can come!